Friday, November 23, 2007

Well digging, rock

At more or less 44 meters, progress came to a screeching stop on the drilling of the well because of rock. How much rock, we don't know yet. It could be one the seize of a truck, or something small. In the meanwhile, the drilling team removed the auger from the train of steel pipes and started dropping the agulha (needle) down the deep hole onto the rock. I had to leave the site early today but I look forward to seeing the results tomorrow. I'm tired of dust. I want to see water!


Daniel Spurgeon said...

That's too bad about the rock, I hope they have better luck tomorrow. I have been following your blog regarding the drilling of this well with interest. Thanks for the descriptions and helpful photos!

GingerV said...

You need Camillo to bring in their equipment/creww to do a 'check shot' this is what Petrobras does on their oil wells when they meet unexpected deterents. They drop in a 'gadget' (you can tell I don't listen closely) set off a small charge and the read out gives an idea of what is there. Maybe this is why no one has a well around here, we are full of rocks. Good luck today. What do Needles do?

Jeremy M. Campbell said...

Oh no! Awful news...have they a special augur to wind down there now?