Thursday, November 15, 2007


New leaves on an angelim (Hymenolobium sp) tree at Bosque Santa Lucia. There are different species of angelim trees but I suspect that it's angelim pedra (Hymenolobium petraeum). I planted this one from a seed I collected from an older tree near the entrance to the Bosque.

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jack said...

Hi, I'm an italian student of medicinal plants at Padua University. You ave a very good site with a lot of good photos. The "Kalonchoe pinnata" is calle "Bryophyllum pinnatum" now. It's very easy to distingue the two family: kalanchoe have flowers going up, bryoph flowers looking down.. I was in Ecuador for a etnobotanic research, you can look at this link:
My e-mail is write me, I have to ask you if you can find for me some tropical seeds.. Thank you, Jack