Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vanilla with rum

As reported in earlier posts, my vanilla plants have produced fruit only twice, one bean each for two different plants. The first fruit I lost out of pure ignorance because I didn't know anything about the matter. I did, however, get some decent pictures of it and the flower. The second fruit I found recently on the ground under a tree on which I had planted the cutting. I never saw the flower and I don't know how long the bean had been on the ground but it was dark chocolate brown and already smelling of vanilla. I allowed it to "cure" for two more weeks and then placed it in a bottle of sugarcane rum, which you see in the attached image. That was last week and it has already released its color to the rum, as well as taste. Brazilians add a lot of things to bottles of rum, but I've never seen vanilla used. Probably because there's not a lot of it around. As you can see, a few ounces seem to be missing from the bottle. Hum!

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