Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brazil nut trees, taking it all off

Some people are surprised to learn that we have a summer and a winter in the Amazon. Summer is our dry season and winter the rainy season. Temperatures are a bit cooler during the rainy season because of cloud cover but there are very fews days when we get cold, which means temperatures in the 70s. The dramatic part of the story is that summer brings days, weeks and sometimes months without rain. During the winter we breath water and during the summer, we breath dust. The humidity is still quite high but the dust factor is unsupportable. Our native trees take advantage of this season to shed their leaves, like the Brazil nut tree in the attached image. Not all species lose their leaves at the same time and some, like the Brazil nut tree (Bertholetia excelsa), quickly put on a clean set of clothes. Notice the nut pods on the tree. They won't be mature until January, or there of. This is a good time to see production. It appears that this coming season will be more productive than last year.

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