Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another tarantula spider

I shouldn't be surprised to find another tarantula because there are lots of them around, some up in the trees and many more underground. As a matter of fact, the ground around the reception center at the Bosque is pockmarked with tarantula holes. But I should add that it's seldom that we see the spider. Most of the time they duck further down into their hole when they feel vibrations from passing giants. Indeed, what surprised me about this good looking spider was that it was out of its hole, actually marching across the small road leading to the garage. Once caught in the act, they freeze. I got several pictures, one of which is attached. Click on the image to get more details.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steven,

This looks like it belongs to the Acanthoscurria family of tarantulas. Acanthoscurria brocklehursti to be exact. This most likely was a male. They do wonder around and are looking for females to mate. It is mating season right now.
Great picture.