Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pau-brasil and the bow-makers, Part IV

If you do an internet search on "Pau-brasil", you come up with a list of different species of trees, all with that same common name. Try the scientific name, "Caesalpinia echinata". Most of the references will be the "true" Pau-brasil and you'll find a lot of update information on the history of the tree, history of bow-making, as well as what's going on today in reforestation and efforts to increase the supply and demand for the wood. In my correspondence with bow-maker, Charles Espey, I was surprised to learn that there are at several morphological variations of Caesalpinia echinata. Three are shown in the attached image of Pau-brasil leaves and I understand that the wood from all of them are used in the bow-making profession. Image: Charles Espey

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GingerV said...

for some reason this photo does not open on my computer, can you reload it?

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