Monday, September 17, 2007

Hammocks are big in Sweden too

My photographer friend in Sweden, Olov Pettersson, tells me that Brazilian hammocks are now popular in his country. Olov may be one of the reasons. He bought this hammock in Natal when he was here in Brazil and then he and his son came up with this ingenious structure for hanging it. I've never seen anything like it here. Here in Paradise, we use metal hooks to hang our hammocks. If it's a wooden structure, the hooks are placed on the walls with screws. If it's a brick and mortar wall, then a metal box with the hook inside is embedded into the structure. If the hammock is used in an outside environment, normally they are hung with ropes. Olov, you've promoted açaí juice in Sweden and now it's a hammock for the snooze. The next thing you'll tell me is that that the Scandinavians are eating feijoada. By the way, you seem to be missing something. Look at my hammock post of a few days ago and you'll understand! And I'm not talking about the gold pan. It's seldom that you see an empty hammock here in the Amazon.

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