Friday, September 07, 2007

Roasted pig

I often make the comment that visitors never leave Brazil weighing less. The food is so fantastic, it requires lots of willpower to control intake. What about those of us living here on a full time basis? Worse yet! I've know many foreigners to put on the pounds and spread out in all directions. The Brazilians are always very diplomatic in how they say things. I would blatantly say, "hey, you've really put on weight." "Gee, you must be making lots of money", or educated statements of this nature. Brazilians probably wouldn't say anything immediately. If they do, they refer to the obese person(s) as being mais forte, which translates into being "stronger." Social events, like birthdays, are always the test of moderation, especially when there's one after another. Unfortunately, the foods are so delicious, one can't always resist. Take, for example, this roasted pig, which was served at a birthday party this week. I've never tasted anything so delicious. Aside from the roasted pig, there were also two fish dishes on the table. Then came three desserts, which even a diabetic couldn't push aside. All of this followed by Coke Zero!

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