Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dust ... and more dust

And speaking of the dry season and dust, this is the dirt road passing through Bosque Santa Lúcia, as it was two days ago. From this point to BR-163, the Santarém-Cuiabá Highway, is 3 kilometers; to the Curuá-Una Highway it's 5 kilometers. The road used to be no more than a trail until they soybean industry got started 5 years ago. Now it serves as a connection between the 2 highways, especially for truck traffic, including logging vehicles. Now you may wonder why they would avoid a paved highway in favor of dust and/or mud. As you might conclude, there are probably some devious reasons for doing so. Since I can't prove it, I won't say anymore. The most traditional method of reducing dust among those living along the road is to build lombados (spring-breakers). I dare say that most drivers respect spring-breakers but there are some rebels who take pride in speeding over them, or destroying them. There's a spring-breaker in the attached image. Can you see it? Probably not because it's part of the dusty scenario. And then too, some perturbed tractor driver resolved to destroy part of it, maybe out of hate. Few people enjoy having to slow down for these things. He went a step further in knocking down the sign warning drivers of the lombado. Fear not amigo, my neighbor across the way will be building two more this coming week and has promised to fix this one up. Two years ago we counted 42 lombados on the 8 kilometers between the two highways! It's called survival.

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