Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tribute to ... an outhouse

My wife and I have had the Bosque Santa Lúcia property since 1981, but it was only in 1987 that we began to receive visitors there. In the beginning, we had zero infrastructure, not even a restroom where people could relieve themselves. We took advantage of our next door neighbor's outhouse in cases of an emergency; I dare say, that most people just headed off to the woods to do their thing. Some folks preferred it that way because the slab of concrete with a hole in the middle didn't have much appeal, especially for the women folks. I don't remember the year but eventually we built a outhouse of our own at the new entrance to the Bosque. My use of an old glass door from Aurea's remodeling of her medical office caused quite a stir in the beginning, so it became necessary to put up a curtain inside. Nevertheless, the outdoor toilette didn't gain any more popularity than my neighbor's place. It was God sent only for old men with enlarged prostrates. Any place to urinate fast and in privacy is gold under these circumstances! Now we're living uptown because when we built the Bosque reception center, I made sure that we included two modern bathrooms in the construction. One ended up becoming the tool shed but the other is our pride and joy when we have larger groups from the cruise ships. On these days I hire a person to do nothing but keep it sparkling clean. In part this extra labor is necessary because up until a few weeks ago we didn't have electricity and water. Now we have lights, but still no water. Jugs of water flush a toilette just as well as any water box. But most people have never gone that route, so we provide the service. Hopefully in the next few months we'll have running water. That will be an occasion to celebrate. In the meanwhile, the original outhouse remains in tact. Well, not quite. As you can see from the attached image, it's neglected and abandoned. It's so much a museum piece, I hate to tear it down.

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