Sunday, September 09, 2007

Red blooming orchid

Some years ago, Sabá asked me to check out a red-blooming plant up in a tree near the reception center. It was his impression that it was an orchid. I didn't put a lot of faith in what he was telling me because I had never seen a wild orchid blooming red. Besides, there are lots of bromeliads in this area, most of which have red flowers. As it turned out, Sabá was right. I found the very orchid he had shown me up in the treetops on the ground one day, maybe knocked off by the silvery marmoset monkeys. I placed it on a nearby ipê tree and later moved part of it to the small orchid collection on the front veranda. Yesterday, it was blooming for the first time. I know that the orchid is an epidendrum but I've forgotten the species. I'm sure that Claudio and Bernadette Serique will come to my rescue again. Somehow I remember the flowers up in the tree as being a bright red. As noted, these tend to be more on the pink side.

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