Saturday, August 04, 2007

An Olle Pettersson image

I don't remember having ever used an image belonging to another person but I got off on this one by Olle Pettersson, a photographer from Sweden. It was included recently in one of his blogs, which feature trees and plants. Links to his blogs are listed below in "Sites associated with Brazil." There is also a feature post about Olle under the label "People." The connection between Olle and myself is very simple. First of all, he spent part of a day with me at Bosque Santa Lúcia, a year or so ago. Secondly, we share the same love for photographing trees, plants, flowers and the like. The commonness ends there because he's a professional photographer and I only take amateur pictures for the purpose of showing flora and fauna at the Bosque. But I can appreciate an exceptional photograph, like the attached. Olle tells me that it was a very extraordinary birch-trunk at a copper-mine in Froa Jamtland, Sweden. Sorry Olle, I don't have the diacritical marks on my computer for spelling the name properly. See more of Olle's images on his own blogs, including several from his trip to the Amazon.

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