Friday, August 03, 2007

Frog in the window

I have to be more careful in opening the Bosque reception center because there might be some poor unsuspecting animal in the dark crevices of the sliding metal windows. On opening one of the windows day before yesterday, I felt the impact of something that shouldn't have been there. Immediately, I knew that I had hit something bigger than a lizard or a gecko. A snake? No, it was the very large frog you see in the image. It came out of the window frame but seemed to have gone into shock in this position. I hate to admit it but I may have broken one of the hind legs. When I left the premises three hours later, I left it to its fate, which wasn't very promising. There are several of these frogs in the reception center. They are normally in immobile positions in the the darkest of the inside corners. They must feed at night because I've never seen one move, except for this one. From time to time we encounter snakes inside the building and my guess is that they are after a meal of ... frogs.

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