Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BR-163, potholes continued

This is the second car brought to cruel stop by a pothole in the road. Behind it is another vehicle belonging to people who stopped to help. Even further down the highway, you can see our friend's car, which was the first one to blow out two tires. It's not very visible, but our car is just behind it. We were coming back from a picnic, so we made cake and fruit juice available for the family, which included a couple of hungry kids. Aside from some strong cursing on the part of the drivers, we all scratched our heads over the ridiculous situation of the road. I guess we're all used to potholes in the city, but the highway has long stretches of good road ... and then without any advanced notice, you're staring into holes, which can't be avoided at 80-90km per hour. People who drive the road every day know when to slow down, zig-zag, get off onto the side of the road, etc. But those weekend drivers going out to have lunch at the barbecue restaurant are caught off guard. Our unfriendly potholes are several months old now and it's beyond my imagination whey they haven't been repaired. The Army Corps of Engineering headquarters is on this section of the highway, as is the Federal Highway Police. In addition, our only national congressman for this part of the Amazon lives only a few meters from the edge of the highway. Yes, it makes one wonder!

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