Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tree flowers

The abundant number of large beautiful flowers on this unidentified tree was quite striking back in June. There are a lot of these trees around the Bosque, some very close to the reception center. I told myself that this was going to be the year to identify the tree but time slipped away and it's yet on my wish list. Not one local person I asked knew the name, which makes me believe that it has no particular use in their lives. It's estimated that there are more than 400 species of trees on the 110 hectares making up Bosque Santa Lucia. In the Amazon region, some authorities calculate up to 5,000! That's what tropical biodiversity is all about. In this immediate region it's said that only 120 or so species are used for lumber. Looking at the stacks of lumber for shipment at the deep water pier, it's seldom that I see more than a dozen or so.


GingerV said...

I also find it extremely frustrating to not be able to ID the trees. Camillo ask many years ago for the names of trees from someone who 'knew' this man said oh that is mata, and that is mata...
I just visited an area in the south were they had lables at the base of trees (but trees had no leaves) but there was not a book with photos with leaves/flowers to help ID my trees.
Most frustrating.

Gil said...

Hi Alex

it may be in the genus convolvulus, check my spelling pls.
you are a good man charlie brown

gil serique

GingerV said...

Mr A, thanks for the book titles. I looked them up and yes they are expensive, but in dollars less than you pay for books in Rio. The real problem is the $$26.00 per book wanted in shipping - this is over the top. I will try the titles (in English) at a web site for a book store in downtown Rio. If I find any bargins I will let you know. If not I will by in the US in Feb. and bring back with me. thanks

GingerV said...
nice web site - has email address for you to talk direct. gingerv

Robin Foster, The Field Museum, Chicago said...

Family is RUBIACEAE.

Ask Charlotte Taylor at Missouri Botanical Garden