Monday, August 06, 2007

Not all that's yellow is gold

Some years ago while hiking in the back lands of Alaska, I unexpectedly met a father and son team who were camped out around the source of the Kobuk River. As the father told it, they lived in the "lower 48" part of the year, but they always returned to the Alaska during the summer months in pursuit of that yellow stuff called gold. Being curious, I asked if they had found any. "Not really" he confessed. "It's more of an obsession, an addiction. You know Steve, if you were to see a dime in a street gutter, you wouldn't take the time to pick it up. But if you ever found a speck of gold worth a dime, you'd spend the rest of your life looking for more." I don't remember how many years this person had been coming to Alaska with this objective in mind, but quite a few. Duranta repens must remind people of gold because the most common name for it is pingo de ouro, gold drops.

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