Sunday, August 19, 2007

Açaí juice, continued

There are different qualities of açaí juice. The best ones are those which haven't been watered down and they are more expensive. In the attached image you can see that the juice we bought this morning is the real stuff. It's so thick, it hardly runs down the side of the jar. We make sure it's ice cold before adding farinha de tapioca and sugar. The tapioca is the starch of the manioc root, the same byproduct we use to make tapioca pudding. Açaí reminds me a lot of that melted chocolate some of us like on top of our ice-cream. The sugar factor is also similar. The more sugar added, the better it is! Áurea tells me that the better açaí in Brazil is served in Macapá and Belém. It's even thicker than that we bought today here in Santarém. She paid R$ 5,00 (around US$2.50) per liter for this açaí. In Belém, some of it goes for R$ 10,00 per liter.

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