Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tucunare fish II

Today is only Tuesday and I'm already thinking about eating fish at João do Mato's place next Sunday. To be honest about it, I'm getting hungry just looking at these pictures of tucunaré fish taken two days ago. In the previous post I placed an image of tucunaré fried in butter with shrimp sauce and shoestring fried potatoes. Now I want to show what the fried fish looks like with lighter trimmings. The fish is so big, it didn't fit on the serving plate. The head was cut and placed sideways to accommodate Claúdio Serique and his family, who were sitting with us at the same table. Our friend, Jeremy Campbell, helped us consume the other fish. Hard work, but somebody had to help us get through the ceremony.


Reema said...
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Reema said...

This picture is so mouthwatering, my stomach is rumbling only by looking at it. Love the colors too.. must be delicious :)