Friday, June 15, 2007

Orchid roots

I joined the Santarém Orchid Society to learn something about orchids, since I didn't know anything about them. That was several years ago and I still don't know anything about them. I seldom attend the monthly meetings and I have to admit that I never took part in any of the training courses given by the club. I did participate in two or three club sponsored trips to the Tapajós National Forest to help collect orchids from fallen trees, which were left over from the select cut project. I put my share of the specimens in trees at Bosque Santa Lúcia. About two years ago, I moved them from the trees because of the dust factor. I hung them from rafters of the porches but then couldn't keep them from drying out during the summer months. Try again, I did. Now they are all attached to the same pieces of wood but placed in plastic buckets with a mixture of dirt, cow manure, charcoal and acai seeds. This is the best solution I've found but I'm sure my collector friends will be horrified to see my techniques. What impresses me is the extensive growth of roots, as seen in the attached image.

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