Thursday, June 14, 2007

Foam nest III

... faster than a speeding bullet, here's the image I promised. One of the disadvantages of living in tropical paradise is that the internet service doesn't work most of the time. No internet connection, no blog, no website. The computer becomes an almost worthless package of dreams and electronic parts. The owner goes crazy; he refers to the server in terms not permitted in public. After reaming new ones for the server staff, he discovers that nothing helps. The system is congested and nothing is going to resolve an overloaded system, except new and better equipment. "It's ordered but hasn't arrived yet" is the standard response. In the meanwhile, keep paying your monthly fee! In desperation, he resolves to return to the jungle, where he can forget the word internet. Then comes a spark of electronic connection that permits the posting of a blog. And here we go again. The nature of the beast, as we say. So, here's the little critter I found in the spit-looking foam shown in my last blog post. Our mentor from Michigan, Rachael, was sure right about it not being the work of frogs. Now comes the task of identifying the insect. I assume this creature is in nymph form, since I took it from it's nest of foam. It didn't lose any time moving on. I had hardly taken the pictures when it crawled off. Somewhere out their in the blog world, there's someone who knows the name of this insect. Since insects make up the bulk of all life on this earth, there are untold numbers of species. This may be the work of a professional!

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Reema said...

Would be really interesting to know what kind of insect this is. Never heard of foam nest before, so this is brand new for me.