Friday, June 15, 2007

Erva de passarinho II

On May 20, I displayed an image of a parasitic plant called erva de passarinho. I consider it a nuisance and a real danger to the young trees planted around the Bosque reception center. In this image you can see erva de passarinho plants in the beginning stages of development on the stem of a jacaranda da Bahia tree. In little time they'll become vines sinking their roots into the bark of the tree as they spread from branch to branch. If not removed, they'll kill the hosts in little time. The birds love the fruit of this vine and they are the culprits in spreading the seeds around in their feces. I liken the newly deposited seeds to a rivet, as well demonstrated in the image. Wherever they fall, they seem to be fixed by a super bond cement, regardless of whether the recipient is a tree or any other object.

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