Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fungi VI

Olle Pettersson, my photographer friend from Sweden, shared some of his mushroom images this week and I was impressed with not only the beauty of the mushrooms, but also the size of them. I thought to myself that I didn't remember seeing any really large mushrooms here in the Amazon. Then suddenly, I remembered these bracket fungi we found in the Flona last year, only a few miles from Bosque Santa Lucia. Olle was on one of these tours, so I suspect he has photographs of the same giants. That's Haken, the Swedish tour leader, up there on top of a fungus. He's getting some support from friends down below but it wasn't necessary. These bracket fungi, sometimes called shelve fungi, were strong enough to take on people heavier than Haken.

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Reema said...

Must have been the largest mushrooms I have seen. Or perhaps fungi is a better word. However, big and interesting!