Saturday, June 16, 2007

Claudio Serique

No, it's not a tree, it's not an orchid; it's my friend Claúdio Serique, who has been very kind in helping me with the classification of orchids. As the saying goes, there's a woman behind every great man; and in this case, his wife, Bernadette. She's been collecting orchids most her life and seems to know them all. She's a professional real estate agent and it's not by coincidence that the name of her agency is Orchid Real Estate (a rough translation from Portuguese). Claúdio is a retired accountant and now part-owner and manager of the Cultura Inglêsa, a school of English backed up by the British Council. I took this picture 2-3 years ago in the backyard of Cultura Inglêsa. Claudio´s showing off cutite fruit (Pouteria macrocarpa) from a very productive tree next to the school.

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