Sunday, June 10, 2007

Foam nests

This week I discovered splotches of foam attached to many of the lemon grass blades, as shown in the attached image. I've seen such foam on grasses and plants along the road but this was the first time on the lemon grass. My first thought was that of frogs but I couldn't find any evidence of eggs. I never dreamed that it might be the work of insects until talking with a visitor from Michigan yesterday. Rachael, a staffer for the Amazon/Africa Aid program in Ann Arbor, had brought a group of students to the Bosque for the afternoon and she was quick to notice the foam. She suggested that maybe it was produced by insects rather than frogs, based on the fact that the applications weren't very large and that they weren't close to water. I enjoy learning something new, so I'll be looking at the foam again to see if I can discover what little varmints are benefiting from the foam nests.

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