Sunday, June 24, 2007

Amarelão (Apuleia molaris)

It's so easy and so nice to come back to Bosque Santa Lúcia trees already classified by Sr. Manoel (former classifier for SUDAM) in 1990. I remember traveling with a pack of international forestry students and professors to several national and state forest reserves around that time. Sr. Manoel was with us and I must say that we all took our hats off to him for his ability to identify trees. Even the Brazilian forestry engineers treated him as the guru of the forest. In a world of complex biodiversity, it ain't easy to identify trees! I know that Sr. Manoel has retired from SUDAM but I assume he is still alive and well. If I had resources, I'd hire him to complete the survey at the Bosque. We estimate that there may be as many as 400-500 species of trees on the 270 acres which make up the Bosque. Only 150 or so have been classified and I've lost some of the identification tags for some of these. The tree in the attached image is Amarelão (Apuleia molaris). Other common names include miratauá and guarapa.

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Riorose said...

Dear Steven, it seems that at least one other person is interested in coming up to visit that area. What times of the year are good for visiting and what types of programs could you suggest or refer us to?