Monday, April 30, 2007

Power line III

... and the fall of the giant as it crashes to the ground. You can see traces of smoke from the chainsaw coming up from the site. Somewhere down there in that blur of green, there are three CELPA workers who did the cutting of the tree. Off to the right is a very large tapereba fruit tree (Spondias lutea), which barely escaped from getting cut. The large branches hanging over the truck, to the left, are of a gigantic Brazil nut tree (Bertholetia excelsa), which is protected by law. It will will only be pruned. Although many Brazil nut trees get pushed over with the advent of mechanized agriculture, the electric company would never cut one without permission from IBAMA. More often than not the path of the power line is changed from one side to another to avoid having to cut one.

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Riorose said...

if you go to my blog you will se a post by ginger regarding tree cutting on her property. by hand, no machinery, winches, trucks.