Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Imbaúba (Cecropia)

It's amazing what pops up out of the ground once the rains get underway. In just a few square meters there may be dozens of different kinds of trees and plants looking for their place on this earth. They are all so new, so fresh, and so green - they bring new life to our eyes and souls. The young tree in the middle of the image is imbaúba from the genus Cecropia. The common name in the English language is also cecropia, or the trumpet-tree. There are many, many different species and a good representation of them are to be found in both primary and secondary forests, and even more on the Amazon floodplain. The cecropia is classified as a pioneer tree because it is one of the first trees to take up residency in an area that has been disturbed, either by nature or by man. Over time they make way for longer-living trees and plants.

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