Thursday, April 12, 2007


There are two routes to get to Bosque Santa Lúcia, one via the Curuá-una Highway (a state highway) and the other via the federal highway, BR-163, better known as the Santarém-Cuiabá Highway. The distance is about the same from Santarém, around 18 kilometers, but I prefer to use BR-163. It's paved out the first 100 kilometers and the wear and tear on my vehicle is much less. Leaving the tropical savanna of Santarém, elevation around 36 meters, we climb the hill to the planalto, which is 158 meters above sea level. Just at the top of the hill is Piquiátuba, home of the 8th BEC, the Army Corps of Engineers. At the entrance to the military headquarters is the highway sign you see in the image. I've always made it a point to make a stop next to the sign so that our visitors can take pictures and ponder on the great distances from the Amazon to other points in Brazil.

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