Sunday, April 29, 2007

Power line II

This is the old school and chapel area that I mentioned in an earlier post. The power line is being built on this side of the road, I assume, because there are fewer large trees to be cut. Nevertheless, many very nice trees were condemned because of the 15 meter swath required by CELPA for installing the high tension cables. Just off to the right of the CELPA truck, you can see the remains of several trees which were cut a few days ago. These were young trees I planted 4-5 years ago. In the background you can see a gigantic mango tree being cut. I assume that this tree was planted by the school teacher several decades ago. It probably provided lots of school lunches for the kids of that school in those years. The tree has already been chainsawed and it's just beginning to fall. Next picture, the giant on the ground.

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Riorose said...

I sure hope they complete the project, not just cut and run to some other project. it would be too bad and sad and Oh so Brazilian. I have learned blogger the hard way. Hours in front of the computer. I have much to learn. In blogger you go to the layout page to establish a link. copy the URL and paste and save. but i don`t know much about wordpress. I am looking for a new program that will allow me to create posts in advance then auto post on a predetermined schedule. It would be good for traveling and those times I just can`t et to a computer..