Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Imbaúba (Cecropia) II

Once I needed to cut down a cecropia tree in order to widen the entrance to the Bosque for buses. I discovered the hard way that cecropia trees harbor mean biting ants - and a lot of them. The trees are, as a matter of fact, classified as an "ant plants" because of the symbiotic relationship between them and ants. A rental contract provides housing for the ants inside the hollow trunks of the tree and the latter gets protection from countless security guards. Nobody wants to mess with the cecropia tree, unless you are a sloth. I can't prove it but everyone tells me that the leaves of the tree are the favorite food for this slow moving animal. When I cut the tree that day, I was fast to get away from it because the ants were biting me all over. As for the sloth, it could care less because it's protected by a very thick coat of hair.

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