Monday, April 02, 2007

More passion fruit

The subject of Passifloraceae seems to be of interest to some readers of this blog, so I'll take advantage of this situation to place some more images I have on my computer here at home. At the same time I make it clear that I'm not a professional on the topic, only an interested person wanting to learn more from the experts. Most visitors to Bosque Santa Lucia are quite happy to get a picture of a passion fruit flower without knowing any botanical details of genus or species. Only recently have I discovered that there are several varieties wild passion fruit at the Bosque, some of which have no similarity to the ones posted on this blog. Maybe with the help of my expert readers, I'll learn more. The attached image is a wild passion fruit I photographed last year. I'm almost sure that it is the same species as the bright red flower I posted in December, 2006. It has been identified as P. glandulosa.

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