Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mimosa, the humble plant

After leaving the woods we walk back to the reception center via the small dirt road passing through the Bosque. The sides of road are covered with many invasive plants, including mimosa pudica, the famed "humble plant". Although native of Brazil, mimosa pudica has found its way into most of tropical America, so many people recognize it. The temptation of touching it is too great for most visitors and guides. At the slightest touch, the leaves instantly fold up like magic. They return to an open position a few minutes later but close down naturally at night. What's funny and frustrating is confuse other similar looking plants for this one. Absolutely nothing happens when you touch them!

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Kengkaru Kong said...

we called this "BUnga Semalu" or "Shy flower" . Whenever you make a contact with it, it will go react by closing its leave... seems like a shy person..