Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another passion fruit

Last week I had a message from a person in England, who had been at the Bosque recently on one of the cruise ship tours. He had spotted a passion fruit flower from a distance and wanted to know if I could tell him more about what species it might be. Immediately I thought of the brilliant red flower posted on this blog in weeks past. After seeing the same image, he emphatically stated that what he saw was different. Hum, just to show you, things can get to be complicated when looking a minute botanical differences between plants. Maybe that's what makes for biodiversity. Since exchanging notes with this person, who is an expert on Passiflora, I have kept my eyes open for other species. On the very same day that I discovered the gurania flower, posted below, I spotted these Passiflora flowers almost on the ground. Some buds are, indeed, on the ground, maybe knocked off by an animal, or whatever. It appears to me, as a novice, that this passion fruit plant is different than the one described before. The image isn't the best in the world because it was a cloudy, rainy day and the plant was located well off the trail in a rather inaccessible spot. My impression was that the flower was much redder than the attached image shows. More photographs are on my agenda on a sunnier day. I don't think the plant is going to disappear anytime soon. The vine from which the flowers came must be at least 2 inches thick! It's been there for awhile and I'm sure that I'll be seeing red again. In the meanwhile, I'm sending the image to the Passiflora specialist for his comments.

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