Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pau Rosa (Rosewood) IV

These are immature pau rosa seeds. Many people remember acorns when they see them. Some persons also swear they can smell the fragrance of the oil but I can't. I understand that the tree must be at least 30 -35 years old be of essence quality. My oldest tree is only 5-6 years old. In the past, the wood of the tree was used in the distillation process for producing the oil. There are some groups today saying that it wasn't necessary to cut the trees at all, suffice it to use the leaves.


Renato said...

Do you sale the rosewood seeds?

Steven Alexander said...

Renato, sorry I don't sell seeds because of the bio-piracy laws in Brazil. I'm already suspect because I'm a gringo. Thanks for looking at my blog. All the best.

juan pablo pandur b. said...

come on for sale plz seeds of rosewood i from méxico