Sunday, May 27, 2007

African mahogany

In January of 2000, I received 15 African mahogany (Kaya ivorensis) seedlings from Dra. Gladys, then director of EMBRAPA, the foremost research center for forestry here in Brazil. She told me that the trees were part of a stock that had been reserved for a forestry project in the Amazon floodplain but that the person responsible was slow in picking them up. I loaded the seedlings into my old VW van and took off for the Bosque as fast as I could go, hoping that the owner wouldn't show up before I put them in the ground. Five of the seedlings were planted at the main entrance to the Bosque and the others along the walking trails. The one in the attached image is at the main gate and it's the one doing the best, probably because it gets more sunlight. Another view of the tree coming up.


doorman said...

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doorman said...

Have you ever heard of the McLain Family Band. I used to go to Berea every year for their Bluegrass Festival. I almost went to Berea College myself for their woodworking program.