Thursday, May 17, 2007

Copaíba II

Erotic moments in the forest! Don't laugh, this is a copaíba tree. In the previous entry I didn't mention that the tree produces a very fragrant oil used in the perfume industry. This oil is also one of the most used homeopathic medicines used in the Amazon. It's taken from the tree in almost the same fashion as maple syrup, that is by drilling a hole right into the tree. The hole is then plugged until some quantity of oil has accumulated for collection. That's the purpose of this stick, by the way. This particular tree isn't at Bosque Santa Lúcia but on one of the trails of the Tapajós National Forest, about 70 kilometers from here. I have a very beautiful copaíba tree (maybe more than one) at the Bosque but I don't tap the tree. There is, however, some oozing of oil from a natural opening on the tree. It´s enough for visitors to get the gist of the fragrance and it also attracts some beautiful lantern bugs from time to time.

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Reema said...

Truly interesting. I didn't know that, so I learned something new today. :)