Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mangosteen III

When I opened one of the fruits today, I was surprised to see that the seeds are quite large in comparison to the size of the fruit segments. I sucked the pulp away from the seeds and another surprise! The fruit is much sweeter and less acid than I remember it from a few years ago. It may be that I ate fruit not totally ripe. This one was ripe and right on. The other fruits I had collected for photographing two days ago were overripe and not fit for eating. The tree from which I picked the fruit belong to my former neighbor at the Bosque. He used to work at a small airport nearby as watchman and it was there that he came by the original fruit and seeds, brought in from a Japanese fruit farm in the souther part of the State.


Kengkaru Kong said...

In Malaysia we called it Manggis Hutan or Jungle Mangosteen. Its yellowish in color right? Soem may taste sweeter and some might taste sour.

Anonymous said...

Desculpe-me, li debaixo para cima. É como eu disse: é bem doce.
Realmente, um dos segmentos não tem sementes. As minhas, acho que estavam muito maduras, porque as cascas eram rochas e a polpa bem branca, ou sera uma outra espécie?