Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Light for All

When I was out this afternoon getting photographs of standing paricá trees, downed paricá trees, old paricá trees and young paricá trees, I found myself staring at a concrete light pole with the motto of the national rural electrification program engraved onto it. "Luz para Todos", which translates into "Light for All". I suppose in English, "Lights for All" might be a better way of saying it. I have to admit that it was an emotional moment because the motto is so simple, the engraving so simple, the concept so bold! In less than two electoral terms, President Lula has brought electricity to large areas of rural Brazil, including the Amazon. Lula's promise of electricity for every home in Brazil is obviously platonic, much like his "Zero Hunger" campaign. Nevertheless, these are high impact programs, which pluck at the heart strings of the masses. I know that the Luz Para Todos project around the Bosque Santa Lúcia region is the most important social benefit to ever come our way. I lost a few meters of trees along a kilometer or so of power line construction but let it be.

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