Thursday, July 24, 2008


It could be the first year that this unidentified tree has produced seeds. As you can see from the attached image, they are really quite large, much like Lima beans. To be honest about it, I would never have expected to see this kind of a seed come off a tree. I've included images of the tree trunks and also the new leaves. The trees are located very close to the Bosque reception center. The readers of this blog may find it strange that we don't know the name of a tree right in our backyard, but that's what makes tropical biodiversity so challenging. In a relative small area of less than 300 acres, it's estimated that there are between 400-500 different species of trees! If you click on the Botanical Listing label of this blog, you can see data on those trees, which were classified by professional foresters about a decade ago. This list is in the neighborhood of 150 species, most of which are found along the walking trails of the Bosque. My dream is to get a grant to do a complete survey. Can you imagine what we might find?

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