Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lake Maria takes its toll, continued

Now I'll get to the point, why did we have to call a tow truck? After all, the only problem seemed to be a flat tire. The culprit in this story is that tire wrench you see in the image. We had a spare, but believe it or not, we couldn't get the flat tire off! Huff and puff, I got three of the four lugs loosened, but the fourth one wouldn't budge. The tire wrench that came with the Fiat isn't much more than a toy. I called Cleuson at the Bosque to help. Muscle didn't help. Then Cleuson went down the highway by bicycle to find a "professional" tire repairman. "Sorry, he's busy fixing a flat on that big tractor trailer". It was one of the soybean trucks! He probably got the flat at Lake Maria, just like I did. By this time my wife, Áurea is getting worried because she was already two hours late getting back to her medical clinic and she didn't relish the idea of spending the night in a swamp. She made the final decision, "I'm calling a tow truck." In about one hour the truck plowed into Lake Maria and scared the heck out of the driver when the front of the vehicle fell into that deeper hole. But in a bit the Fiat was secured on the flatbed of the truck and off we went to town. Áurea may have been pleased in finding a solution to the problem because she's had an emergency insurance policy on the car for nearly three years and it had never been used. It paid for itself today.

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