Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lake Maria continues

The summer season is well underway and most dirt roads are drying out fast. Some are already getting dusty! I'm sad to report that access to Bosque Santa Lucia and villages beyond continues to be a problem because of our beloved Lake Maria, an enormous mud hole that has blocked most traffic for almost a year. The main problem in drying out is that whenever it rains, the runoff from the highway ends up in that swamp area. One rain can fill the lake to the brim from one hour to the next. In between rains, the water levels go down, but the bottom remains very muddy and slick. Numerous requests for repair of the road from the municipality government have fallen on deaf ears. That could change soon because elections are coming up in November and it's during the campaigns that things of this sort get done. In the meanwhile, I discovered a back route that may save the day for me. It's double the distance and requires going through private lands, lands which have been planted in soybeans. More about that later.

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Wieslaw Syposz said...

So, there is soybeans in Amazon rain forest and who plants it is not the Governor of Mato Grosso, but multinational Cargil. Very interesting.