Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3 nests, 1 tree

We don't see a lot of visitors at Bosque Santa Lucia, but when we're so fortunate, I normally begin the ecological tour right under the tree we see in the attached image. Some people are quite quick to ask what that big black ball is up in the tree, but seldom do they see the other nests. Obviously the black mass is a termite nest. Down to the left is another insect nest quite different than the termite one. It's a tachi ant nest. Then further over to the left is a bell wasp nest, which sort of stands out on its own. The tree is mango, which is an exotic here, but one that has taken over the country. Wherever man has been, you can be sure that there are mango trees. There are many varieties of mango. This one is called "cavalo" because it produces a horse of a mango, a huge thing that normally gets opened up when it hits the ground.

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