Monday, July 28, 2008

Bug on pajurá leaf

I'm hoping that the small mouth on this bug means that it doesn't eat up a lot of leafs because the seedling is pajurá de Óbidos (Pouteria speciosa). I only have two of these and it's not likely that I'll see more seeds for some time to come. For a blow-to-blow story of tree and my original seeds, search "pajurá" on this blog.


Ted C. MacRae said...

I believe that is a type of assassin bug (family Reduviidae), predaceous insects that use their beaklike mouthparts to inject toxic saliva into other insects before sucking out their liquified remains. Your pajurá seed pods should be safe (at least from this bug!).

Steven Alexander said...

> Ted, again thanks for the clarifications. Fantastic stuff!