Friday, July 25, 2008

Another clitoris

Wherever there's sunlight, we find clitoris vines and flowers these days. They do produce beautiful flowers.


Dr.Rankenstein said...

wow! i´m so happy that i´ve found your weblog!
this will go to my linklist!
great stories and pictures.

from germany

SAPhotographs said...

Yours is truly on of the most interesting blogs around Stevan. You and your wife live in a paradise. The diversity there is fantastic, but I cannot complain as we have almost as much here. Yours is one part of the world I have not visited yet although I always planned to but never got around to doing.

Steven Alexander said...

> Dr. Rankenstein, glad we found you too. Hope to see you again.

> Saphotographs, Yep, I suppose we have a lot in common in terms of flora. Probably not fauna, because you have the big "stuff" in Africa. I've enjoyed looking at your blog for some time. Photographs like I've never seen before! Come over for a visit to Pardise!