Monday, June 02, 2008

Parica tree in bloom

I've hardly been able to get into Bosque Santa Lucia over the last few days because of Lake Maria, the huge mud hole described already in this blog. Last week I did a forced beach-landing on the other side of the man-made atrocity and then on to the Bosque. From a distance I spotted a paricá tree (Schizolobium parahyba) in bloom. It turned out to be the one I planted right at the entrance of the Bosque many years ago. Cleuson told me that it was in full-bloom the day before and that it had attracted a world of insects because of the fragrance. The insects in turn attracted many birds. It was a feast for all. It's interesting that only this paricá tree was in bloom. There are many in this immediate area.


Anonymous said...

Is this an IPE or of the same family?

Here in the Cerrado the IPEs are no tall, maybe 3 meters high.

Steven Alexander said...

Gene, no not an ipê. Not even the same family. From a far distance it could be confused with an ipê, but they bloom during the dry season, not this time of the year. There are many varieities of ipê, some of which don~t get very large, as is the case of the ipês in the tropical savanna areas.