Friday, June 13, 2008

Fashion shows, continued

Like it's not every day that I visit Dona Dica's atelier, but she always remembers my name. Nearing 87, she's got a memory that puts most of us to shame. The visit that I described in the two previous posts went on nearly two hours! I was pleased that I took my camera for some historical photos, but it would have been better had the whole event been filmed with sound. Dona Dica told us that she's traveling to Belém, nearly an hour by plane, in the next few days to receive an award that's equivalent to "Professional Woman of Year for the State of Pará". She's also preparing for a show at the Opera House, where nine of her creations will be presented to the fashion world. And the show goes on. Thanks spending time with us, Dona Dica Frazão.

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Sandpiper said...

What an amazing woman and she does not look 87. Thanks for this interesting series.