Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hairy cats

Speaking of caterpillars, last week one of these little devils caused a great deal of pain to Gustavo, a medical student visiting Fundaçao Esperança. He and Marina, a visiting professor at the university, had just started their walking tour at Bosque Santa Lúcia when he remarked that something had stung his right thumb. Indeed his thumb was red and rapidly swelling up. Then I noticed the caterpillar on his shirt. I thought for a moment that we would need to return to Santarém for treatment, but an application of topical anesthetic and a great deal of "biting the bullet" on the part of Gustavo resolved the problem.

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dixie said...


I found the blog and site by looking at the Brasil RPCV site. Jim and I were in Sao Pedro da Aldeia from 69-71. We started our married life 40 years ago in dec. in Brasil and want to return this dec. any ideas for travel, stays??
we dreamed of returning to stay but didn't make it. maybe now, kids grown, etc.

enjoyed your site and your observations. i'll check back.