Friday, June 13, 2008

Fashion Shows from the Jungle

I always recommend that visitors stop by to see my friend, Dona Dica Frazão, at Rua Floriano Peixoto, 281. Her Tapajônica style dresses, tunics, purses, fans, table clothes, towels, flowers and other fineries for women are all made of natural bark and root/vine fibers gathered by Indians on the upper Tapajós River. Every piece is individually designed and handmade by Dona Dica, whose magical fingers transform the natural colored fibers into beautiful fabrics. Time permitting; you may get a tour of her workshop to see samples of the raw materials from which she creates her original fashions. Do not be surprised if she takes the liberty of leading you through her private living quarters to show you a flock of ducks, geese and turkeys in the back yard. The point she wants to get across is that the plumage used in her clothing no longer contributes to the destruction of rare tropical birds. Dona Dica has been in this business since 1949, and I dare say that very little of her production is sold locally. Her fame is such that she stays busy filling orders for the finest boutiques of the world, special orders for heads of governments, royalty, and gifts for special occasions. Reproduction of some of Dona Dica's more distinguished creations may be seen at the small museum next to her workshop. This is cottage industry at its very best. I took this photograph of Dona Dica and my friend, Marina Duncan, day before yesterday. The visit was a real show. Dona Dica is turning 87 these coming days and she continues to present the best for fashion shows around the world. Source of information from my book, Santarém - River Boat Town.

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Sandpiper said...

What a great idea to do clothing like this. This is a lovely picture and she sounds like a very special person.