Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Muddy water, continued

This picture was taken in February of this year, when the water level was right up to the boardwalk. As a matter of fact, the water had been over the bridge just two days before. I've rebuilt the 42 meters bridge three times, each time thinking that it would never be under water again. No, it's not a river. No, it's not a creek. It's an ancient creek bed that fills with water only during the rainy season. It's approximately 2 meters deep in this image. By the end of July, there won't be one drop of water under the bridge! Amazing how fast it disappears.


2sweetnsaxy said...

It is amazing how fast water will evaporate. I always like it after it rains a lot because the water makes such interesting shots. I always feel let down when it dries up. I'm sure you dont' miss it being up that high.

Steven Alexander said...

@ You're so right, water is the spice of life, for photography too. We've had a long rainy season this year and I look forward to some sunshine now. But I'm sure I'll miss the water.