Thursday, February 07, 2008

Trail blazer

After a very long hot dry summer, it would be a shame to speak badly of the rain, but access to Bosque Santa Lúcia becomes more difficult by the day. That gigantic mud hole on the dirt road leaving BR-163 (image posted some time back) is all but impassable for smaller vehicles, like mine. All appeals to local government officials for help have failed, even those in name of tourism. I talked personally with the Secretary of Tourism, who assured me that he would speak with his colleague in the transportation department. Nothing. The mud hole continues to swallow up cars and even the big trucks are having their problems in getting through. My salvation to getting back and forth personally is in this neat little trail (attached image) that connects a back street in Cipoal to the dirt road, on the other side of the mud hole, now known as Lake Maria, or Maria's Hole. The trail is in reality a bicycle path for people from Poço Branco to get to the main road. The distance in getting to the road is about 2 kilometers. I dread the day that I meet another vehicle because it will require one of us backing out.

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